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Une application portable pour la recherche de fichiers.

par web5S

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Index Your Files est une nouvelle façon pour vous d'indexer et de rechercher des fichiers, des dossiers sur vos différents lecteurs ou sur un réseau.


La recherche peut s'effectuer par nom, date, taille, emplacement, dans la liste des résultats de la recherche. Celle-ci peut s'effectuer par des mots clés multiples.


Utilisez les menus contextuels de Windows Explorer sur les fichiers trouvés. Utilisez le glisser-déposer, copier, renommer, supprimer.


Index Your Files vous permettra d'économiser du temps et rendra votre travail plus agréable.


Principales caractéristiques


- recherche par nom, date, taille ou caractères spéciaux

- supporte les opérateurs booléens (ET, OU)

- classement des résultats par nom, dossier, extension, date, taille

- recherche dans des répertoires différents ou des ressources LAN

- facile à utiliser, l'explorateur comme l'interface utilisateur

- gestion de base de données (créer plusieurs bases de données)

- icône dans la barre des tâches pour un accès rapide

- index & recherche

- prenez & déplace

- menu contextuel


Le site, www.indexyourfiles.com.

Pour le téléchargement de Index Your Files portable, même page, sélectionnez "Download English Portable" en bas de page.


Index Your Files is an alternative way for you to Index and Search through all your files     or folders  on Local or Networked Drives.

With plenty of stats about your files and various ways to manipulate them, Index Your Files will provide an extremely user-friendly and powerful way to manage your information.

Searching can be done by Name, Date, Size, Location, within the found file results.  Use Boolean operators to perform multiple keyword searches.

Use Windows Explorer context menus on found files. Use drag and drop, copy, rename, delete.

Find your files and show them to you. View file content for found files text, html, and graphics files. The [RESULTS DISPLAY] will display the filetypes using an internal viewer, which saves time and greatly simplifies the process.

Index Your Files will save you time and make your work with a computer more pleasant.

IYF can automatically update the indexes at any time selected , or at any regular time , or time interval.

Using the file contents display means that it is not necessary in actual practice to make a gigantic index which indexes *every word*.

For the person who works in many directories [folders] in the course of a day, the entire day's work can be displayed in the found files window, allowing quick checking for accuracy or review. One window will display the search results from many different folders.

The indexes formed are compacted and do not take up nearly as much space as similar products. Can be running in the System Tray with less memory than it takes to open another Explorer window. 

Index Your Files does not contain any malware, or similar, and does not write to the registry.

Main Features

- Instantly search files by name, date, size, or wildcards
- Support for Boolean operators (AND, OR)
- Arrange results by name , folder, extension, date, size
- Search in various directories or LAN resources
- Easy to use, Explorer like user interface
- Database management (create several databases)
- Taskbar icon for quick access
- Easy & Fast Search Engine - Easy & Fast Index Engine
- Index & Search in Background
- Share Index - Import & Export Index
- Full Information Search and Index
- Compress - Database Index
- Drag & Drop
- Context Menu Shell Extensions
- View common filetypes within search window
  For example : displays .pdf . swf .htm .html .jpg .png .txt  etc.
- Run from CD
- Run from Memory Stick
- Search Mode MS-DOS
- Work with Large Font > 96 dpi
- Scheduled
- Search Inside Files ( Search Text - Hexadecimal )

Easy, Small, Portable App and Powerful

- Portable
- Zero Option
- One Executable
- No DLL
- No Change to Windows Registry
- Small Size (0.7MB)

- Supported Operating System

















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